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Fidelis Omozuapo

Director of Operations, EMEA




Fidelis Omozuapo joined IPSA International in March 2016 in the company’s London office. His move follows several years as Head of West Africa Section in the Investment Risk and Business Intelligence Advisory Division at Aegis Advisory. As Director of Operations, EMEA, Fidelis is responsible for developing business growth opportunities and client relations throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and will play a key advisory role on new emerging market opportunities and initiatives.

Mr. Omozuapo’s experience includes discreet intelligence gathering, researching, client briefing and reporting. Most recently, his experience lies within assessing the nature, trend and implication of various investment related risks, government policies and regulations, which either adversely impact on or open up opportunities for foreign businesses in sub-Saharan Africa. Further he has led analysts who monitor and analyse media reports to prepare accurate and balanced investment briefs on geopolitical issues, anti-money laundering reports, tactical / strategic developments, policy and investment-related risks to targeted investments in Africa.

Experience & Expertise

  • Policy and Regulatory Risk Assessment: identifying and assessing implications of hostile political and regulatory policies to foreign investment that could impact the ownership and business of a foreign corporate in Africa.
  • Intelligence-led Policy Analysis: the commercial implication of domestic unrest, laundered money, organised-petty crime and assessing if a foreign corporate’s CSR strategy is winning the hearts and minds of its host community.
  • Integrity Due Diligence: conducting AML-CFT and EDD investigations on targeted individuals and corporates, and identifying areas where there have been infractions by potential partners of the US FCPA and UK Bribery Act.
  • Market Entry/Exit: providing written and verbal briefings to hedge funds and private equity firms, global investment banks and IOCs on government investment policies in Africa and identifying credible local partners.
  • Ascertaining Beneficial Ownership: conducting discreet investigations to establish the ‘real’ ownership of an asset, and identifying the undisclosed beneficial interests and shareholding structure of a legally incorporated entity.

Notable achievements:

  • Engaged with C-suite executives by providing them with timely actionable intelligence-led insight to support them in minimising the exposure of their business to regulatory risk, governance risk, policy uncertainty and physical threat.
  • Angola – lobbied the Angolan ambassador to the UK and the country’s minister of power in 2010, influencing the Angolan government’s decision from revoking the power generation contract of a FTSE 100 company in Angola.
  • Nigeria – led a team of AML investigative officers in Nigeria to identify and assess the predicate crimes for money laundering, terrorist financing and armed militant activities in Nigeria. The report was used, in part, by government to amend anti-money laundering legislation in 2011 & published by W. Africa anti-money laundering agency GIABA.


MA Diplomatic Studies, Diplomatic Academy of London, University of Westminster, London, UK
BA (Honours) in Philosophy, University of Ibadan, Nigeria


  • Hausa
  • Ibo
  • Yoruba