Investigative Due Diligence


Intelligent Solutions to Support Your Strategy.

IPSA’s comprehensive due diligence services add value to corporate decision makers by providing crucial information and intelligence about prospective partners, clients, distributors, vendors, competitors, employees, board members or litigants.

IPSA International has provided investigative due diligence services for more than 15 years in matters of multi-jurisdictional corruption, bribery and due diligence investigations.  Our firm is an industry pioneer in the work of Citizenship by Investment Due Diligence and a trusted leader by many of the largest and fastest growing citizenship by investment programs operating in the world today.

IPSA provides comprehensive and discreet investigative due diligence to assist companies in evaluating commercial opportunities and mitigating risks including reputational damage, financial losses and unforeseen legal liabilities. Investigative Due Diligence projects have included anti-money laundering assignments targeting offshore and onshore tax havens; complex investigations and supporting senior corporate, finance and government clients on major transactional and political risks in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.  Further, our experts have identified areas of potential/current theft and fraud, due diligence processes and corporate risk avoidance guidelines.

Our subject matter experts, investigators and researchers come from a wide range of background and experience such as law enforcement, risk audits, journalists, detectives, fraud examiners and regulators. Examples of work include a large-scale due diligence assignment on behalf of a Russian oligarch, multinational extractives industry due diligence assignment, business intelligence and intellectual property rights investigations on behalf of multi-nationals.


Due Diligence, Intelligence and Investigations in Africa

Investors have long known Africa is full of commercial opportunities.  The continent boasts 6 out of the 12 fastest growing global economies, the world’s fastest growing urbanized middle class, a plethora of natural resources and a rapidly growing local consumer demand market.  Accessing these opportunities, however, can often prove both a compliance and strategic challenge.  Local governance and commercial partner issues, economic pressures, and political, security and regulatory uncertainties can all impact investments.  Investors need a partner that can help them identify, understand, and navigate these risks to help deliver their intended commercial outcomes.

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