Anti-Money Laundering


Know Your Program. Know your Customers.

IPSA’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) experts provide a broad range of professional and consulting services that are designed to apply effective AML solutions to a wide array of organizational structures and conditions, business lines, geographic markets, regulatory situations and implementation timetables.

IPSA’s experienced, vetted and versatile investigative teams and project management support and guide financial institutions when regulatory orders, exam and audit findings or internal determinations require specialized, surge resources.  Our firm delivers project leadership and expertise in the AML technologies that underpin Financial Intelligence Units and AML operations.

IPSA has over 10 years’ experience in AML risk advisory and remediation management. Our work has included the following: transaction monitoring alert clearance and case investigations; look-backs; client due diligence and customer profile review and refresh; enhanced due diligence and high risk account review; fraud and forensic criminal investigations; litigation support; and transaction and reputation due diligence.

Our professionals have been engaged by global commercial, retail, private and correspondent banks, money services businesses, multi-national corporations, law firms, Big Four+ consulting firms, and federal monitors. IPSA prides itself on having the deepest pool of skilled AML professionals with banking, regulatory and law enforcement backgrounds and prior project experience to identify suspicious activity and mitigate attendant risk.

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The IPSA Investigative Facility (IIF)

IPSA offers the IPSA Investigative Facility (“IIF”), located at 291 Broadway in New York City, which allows us to help clients who need surge resources but cannot house them on premises. The IIF can accommodate 100 professionals in two separate rooms; one with seating capacity of 55 and the other 45. This enables us to staff two separate medium sized projects simultaneously, or one large project.  Please watch the following video and click here for more information about the facility and its capabilities.