Meet the IPSA Team


IPSA International, a root9B Technologies, Inc. company, is a regulatory risk mitigation firm delivering advisory and investigative services globally in the areas of Anti-Money Laundering, Investigative Due Diligence, Enterprise Risk Management and Litigation Support. Our clients include public and private middle market businesses, multi-national corporations, financial institutions and governments.

Managing the Balance Between Risk and Reward

Anti-Money Laundering

IPSA’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) experts provide a broad range of professional and consulting services that are designed to apply effective solutions to a wide array of organizational structures and conditions, business lines, geographic markets and regulatory situations. Read More

Investigative Due Diligence

Using a combination of public domain sources, reliable business and industry contacts and prudent analysis, IPSA’s comprehensive due diligence services add value to corporate decision makers by providing crucial information and intelligence about prospective partners, clients, distributors, vendors, competitors, employees, board members or litigants. Read More

Enterprise Risk Management

IPSA’s Enterprise Risk Management group helps organizations to be more resilient, endure challenging times and to capitalize on opportunities within apparent crises. Our integrated consulting services are created to help clients mitigate risk and enhance systems and processes in place to improve long-term performance. Read More

Litigation Support

The Litigation Support Group has an intimate knowledge of the processes required to design, manage and conduct comprehensive investigative solutions, evaluate the results and produce detailed reports enabling clients to address existing problems and mitigate future risk. Read More


root9B, IPSA International's sister company, is an internationally recognized firm with experts dedicated to the delivery of solutions and services based on cutting edge technology, advanced cyber tactics and deep mission experience. Read More

Services by Location

IPSA has conducted a range of services globally. Services by Location provides recent examples of our work by region and country. Read More