About IPSA
About IPSA

Latin American/Caribbean Region

IPSA International provides valued services that help our clients mitigate risks and assist them in making better decisions affecting business opportunity, corporate consequence and corporate or individual litigation strategy.

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Ricardo Gomez


Our Latin American/Caribbean practice is based out of Miami, Florida under the leadership of Mr. Ricardo Gomez where he provides risk advisory and compliance consulting services in over 15 countries. Our services provide practical and cost-effective solutions that consider the balance between strict regulatory requirements and practical business needs.

IPSA professionals offer combined compliance, banking, law enforcement, and regulatory experience through an exclusive network of bilingual or multilingual professionals with a variety of skills and backgrounds, such as former law enforcement agents, compliance officers, auditors, and former regulators of U.S. Federal agencies. IPSA’s global presence and experience ensures that we have up to date knowledge of domestic regulations, specific country risks, and illegal activities trends.

Most of our clients fall within in the financial, legal, and corporate sectors which include law firms, federal monitors, consulting firms, private banks, commercial banks, retail banks, credit unions, insurance companies, broker dealers, money services businesses, institutions in the credit card and e-commerce industries, and non-traditional financial entities concerned with preventing or mitigating money laundering risks.

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