• INVESTIGATIVE CONSULTING SERVICES, Honest. Solutions. Manage the Balance Between Risk and Reward.
  • Anti-Bribery/Corruption, Mitigate Your Risks. Investigate and Effectively Respond.
  • ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING, Deter. Detect. Prevent. Know Your Program, Know Your Customers.
  • INVESTIGATIVE DUE DILIGENCE, Credible Knowledge. Make Your Decisions with Confidence.
  • LITIGATION SUPPORT, Accurate and Reliable. Intelligent Solutions to Support Your Strategy.

Meet the Team

Our highly seasoned professionals bring expertise in the areas of anti-money laundering, investigative due diligence, litigation support and anti-corruption & bribery compliance.  Many IPSA team members are internationally recognized experts, providing the highest level of knowledge and insight.

US/International Offices

New York, New York, London, United Kingdom, Vancouver, British Columbia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Phoenix, Arizona, Hong Kong

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